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Geology around “Prairie Smoke” on the Carden Alvar

2014_12_13_Geology 1

In an area east of Orillia and northwest of Lindsay, a flat limestone landscape called the Carden Plain harbours rare habitats known as alvars. (more…)

Notes from the Field Fall/Winter 2014

14_11_21_Bluebird_Paul, Alan, Karl

On November 21 Paul, Alan and Karl volunteered their time to assist Dave with the grassland enhancement project on Bluebird Ranch. A well-earned and hearty lunch is enjoyed around the fire pit. (more…)

Go on an adventure with Molly and Meegan

Molly hugging a tree

Molly, and all people, have the right to swim in clean water, explore a variety of natural settings and to hug trees that have been around longer than any of us will be. (more…)