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The history of a well-known spruce…Fred’s Tree

Fred Noakes

For many in Orillia, the blue spruce tree that stands tall at the corner of Mississauga and West is known as the Opera House Christmas tree. It is lit every year during the Candlelight Parade (more…)

Notes from the Field Fall/Winter 2014

14_11_21_Bluebird_Paul, Alan, Karl

On November 21 Paul, Alan and Karl volunteered their time to assist Dave with the grassland enhancement project on Bluebird Ranch. A well-earned and hearty lunch is enjoyed around the fire pit. (more…)

Go on an adventure with Molly and Meegan

Molly hugging a tree

Molly, and all people, have the right to swim in clean water, explore a variety of natural settings and to hug trees that have been around longer than any of us will be. (more…)