Monthly Archives: March 2013

Help Us Push the Agnew Appeal Over The Top

We are $19,000 away from reaching our campaign goal to secure the long-term care of the newly created 85 acre Thomas C. Agnew Reserve near Washago. Major donations from family members, the Township of Severn and the Ontario Land Trust Alliance have all helped us toward our goal of $77,600. Now we need your help to push the campaign over the top. The Conservancy is planning to develop trails, fencing and signage on this property in 2013 to make the property accessible to the public at the same time as we curb abuses that threaten its natural features. A ceremony is planned to officially celebrate the acquisition in the fall.


Butternuts: Majesty In Jeapordy

As their name suggests, butternut trees produce a delicious and nutritious nut with high oil content. The nuts are an important source of food for birds and small mammals.

But butternut trees are in serious trouble; in fact the species is listed as endangered in Ontario by the Ministry of Natural resources. A species is classified as endangered if it lives in the wild in Ontario but is facing imminent extinction or extirpation

The reason for this decline is a fungal disease called butternut canker, which affects trees of all ages, all sizes, and on all sites. Sadly, there is no know cure for the canker, and no butternut trees have yet shown proven resistance to the disease. However, researchers in the USA have found trees that are vigorously surviving. Based on this experience, a group called the Ontario Butternut Recovery Team is working to locate trees in the province that may be resistant to the canker. These trees may be included in a long term resistance screening and breeding program.