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Helen M. Butler Reserve; rugged beauty

Set back from the Severn River, this 12 hectare (30acre) property was donated to the Couchiching Conservancy was donated in 2001 by the family of Ross Butler in his memory. The protection of this land was a long held dream for Ross. Together with surrounding Crown land, it will help to ensure that cottage country always has the wildlife that makes it so special.


The Carden Challenge

Carden Challenge

Are you intrigued by birds? Do you ever stop to enjoy a bird call? Are you interested in learning more about them? For birders of any skill and knowledge level, the Carden Challenge is a great opportunity to get out in the field.


Conservation groups unite to save turtles

blanding turtle

Kids For Turtles Environmental Education has joined forces with The Land Between, The Couchiching Conservancy, Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre, Muskoka Conservancy, Toronto Zoo and Ontario Nature, with funding assistance from Earth Day Community Environment Fund to expand the 2012 turtle nest protection project.


Song sparrows welcome back spring

Song sparrows usually arrive back in our region while there is still snow on the ground. Two individuals arrived at our property on March 22 this year. If you are brave enough to sleep with your bedroom window open just a little, he will serenade you with his song as he cracks the early morning quiet, at first light.

A member of the very large family of Sparrows, often referred to by birders as “little brown jobs” or LBJ’s, Song Sparrows are one of the most widespread bird species having a number of sub species. They nest in most every region of Ontario.