Monthly Archives: November 2013

Teaching an appreciation for nature to future generations

Read a mother’s perspective on taking her child, Molly, into nature for the first time.


Celebrating 20 years of conservation

In 1993, a small group of residents of North Simcoe County were taking action as the regions forests, wetlands and grasslands began to slip away. At the time, there were many questions that didn’t have answers: What will happen to these lands? Will they still be there in 5 years? What about 50 years? Who is ensuring that this land is protected? In answer, The Couchiching Conservancy was formed with its mission “to protect nature for future generations”. Every year since then, they have continued to follow through on their promises.


New QR codes can help connect us to nature

Small, square and monochromatic, quick response codes are jammed packed full of useful information.

Quick Response codes, commonly known as QR codes are small square barcodes that can be scanned by smartphones to access websites and information. The code consists of black square dots that are arranged in a square grid on a white background. They are similar to barcodes that can be found on many products in stores, but QR codes can be scanned by anyone with a smart phone.


The Battle Against Invasive Plants Continues!

Volunteers picking Garlic Mustard

Unfortunately, several of our properties have seen the arrival of unwanted plant species. Yuck! The undesirables include garlic mustard, dog-strangling vine (aka DSV) and phragmites, as well as a list of species with lesser yet still negative effects (including periwinkle, buckthorns and yellow iris).


Mourning Doves: our year-round visitors

Although we do have many different species of birds visit us all winter long, we can always depend on three species to stay around our property year-round: White breasted Nuthatch, Black-capped chickadee and one other favourite, especially in the winter, The Mourning Dove.