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Woodpecker: The signs of spring

This winter seems to have been a long, cold, and snowy one with many of us yearning for signs of spring


Volunteer Opportunity: Habitat Improvement

We are looking for volunteers to help with grassland habitat improvement on Bluebird Ranch in Carden Township.


Volunteers bring passion to protecting nature in our area

Cathy Massig received her silver pin at the Annual General Meeting from Margaret Pomeroy. Harry Hall, Matt Thomson, Omer Mick, Tom Wilson and Jamie Powell also received pins. Gord Michener accepted a pins for Tom and Jamie.

There is power in numbers. With a strong and committed group of volunteers, The Couchiching Conservancy has helped to protect thousands of acres of wild lands with their assistance. The bulk of the volunteers do in the field work. Many are on property teams or are on-call to do in the field work such as pulling garlic mustard or doing trail maintenance.


Conserving the tradition of volunteering

Mary Mick received her gold pin at the Annual General Meeting from Margaret Pomeroy. Bob Sullivan, Isabelle Thiess and Nathalie Rockhill also received pins. Gord Michener accepted a pin for Nathalie.

Each year during the annual general meeting, we recognize volunteers who have made a long-term contribution to the Couchiching Conservancy. These volunteers assist us in a number of ways every year. Some sit on the board of directors or on committees, while others do work in the field.


At the feeder: Red-bellied Woodpecker

Red Bellied Woodpecker by David A. Homer

In 2012 the Carden Christmas Bird count recorded two individuals during the count. This year Carden had three individuals. Two individuals were recorded during the Orillia count this year. So it seems the species is certainly putting down roots in our area.