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Carden Nature Festival – So much to discover!

It’s no secret – many of us are wishing that winter was already over. What better way to get excited about the coming spring and summer than to plan some fun outdoor adventures? The Carden Nature Festival is less than three months away and offers a weekend full of learning opportunities, family fun and a chance to explore a unique area within our region.


The 2014 Carden Challenge

For birders of any skill and knowledge level, the Carden Challenge is a great opportunity to get out in the field. The goal is of the Carden Challenge is simple: raise funds to support the stewardship of Carden’s alvar and bird habitats by counting as many bird species as possible during a 24-hour period.


Bill Grant gives a living gift that will endure

Mr. William Grant

Bill Grant left Grant’s Woods, a 52 acre forest in Orillia, Ontario, to The Couchiching Conservancy in memory of his brother Jack. When Bill passed away some months ago, he left another legacy to the Conservancy.


Tropical bird: The Chestnut-mandibled Toucan

For most of us, the opportunity to watch tropical birds doesn’t happen that frequently, if at all, so when the opportunity arises, it is something to relish.


Water Quality: Testing Our Assumptions


For a decade now the Conservancy has been building fences on the properties we manage to keep cattle out of streams, and then creating alternative watering sources for cattle to access. We’ve also been helping other ranchers in the area to do the same.


Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire

As the old adage goes, where there’s smoke there’s fire. Such is state of the current project on Bluebird Ranch where we are enhancing grassland habitat by removing some trees and brush. Parts of the 200-acre property are already home to bobolinks, meadowlarks, upland sandpipers, common snipe and several species of sparrows. As a few of these birds are now listed as a Species at Risk (SAR) there is a real concern to provide the best possible nesting habitat for them.


Seeking a Balance Between Farmers & Bobolinks

Conserving species under threat is always difficult, but especially so when their habitats are on active farmland. When a scientific assessment four years ago concluded that Ontario populations of bobolinks and eastern meadowlarks were plummeting, many farmers worried that regulations to save the birds under the Endangered Species Act might threaten their incomes.