Monthly Archives: April 2014

Nature nuts are the right kind of crazy

Team Lagerhead

Personal challenge competitions come in all shapes and sizes – you can take part in a polar dip, or a hot dog eating contest, or even a spelling bee. But who would be crazy enough to sign up for a challenge that features bird identification in the pouring rain, searching under rotten logs for salamanders, and surviving on little but junk food and adrenalin for a 24-hour period?


Spring partners; flowers and bees

Photo of Hepatica by John Challis

With the snow disappearing, it’s a great time to get out and explore our region’s forests as they get ready for another growing season.


Don’t get complacent about that clean smell in the air

It’s a funny thing to think of a smell when you’re listing the things that make you want to live in a place. But for me, the scent of a place matters.


Bird Watching: The Hairy Woodpecker

I am often asked how to differentiate between a Downy and Hairy Woodpecker, as for many new to Bird watching it seems to be a bit of a challenge. It need not be, even though they do look much alike.