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Helpful blooms: flowering shrubs benefit wildlife

There has been much emphasis lately on plants that benefit wildlife, especially pollinators such as bees. Most people think of native wildflowers for this purpose but there are many helpful, and beautiful, native shrubs that are important to wildlife.


Swallow Houses…If you build it, they will come!

Tree Swallow

It is a rite of spring for me to build swallow houses– each March getting the urge to build a few from left over’s from wood working projects and from scraps from local contractors who know I would never refuse a scrap of usable wood or asphalt shingles.


People flock to the Carden Plain

Cameron Curran at Carden Nature Festival

One of our priority areas is the Carden Plain, east of Orillia and northwest of Lindsay. This globally rare alvar is a unique habitat for birds, wildlife and plants. As such, a lot of our efforts and events are centered on this area. On the last weekend of May and first weekend of June, we all drive out to the Carden Plain, to revel in this special region during the Carden Challenge and Carden Nature Festival.


Volunteer Spotlight: Alan Smale

Alan Smale

Volunteerism is alive and well at The Couchiching Conservancy. We will be doing a ‘spotlight’ on a number of volunteers this year to show off their passion for protecting nature and the types of jobs they do.

Our first Volunteer Spotlight is on 15 year volunteer Alan Smale.


2014 Ontario Land Trust Alliance – Election Survey

Blueweed on Bluebird Ranch 02

On behalf of land trusts across Ontario, the Ontario Land Trust Alliance surveyed the Ontario Green, Liberal, NDP and PC parties, asking each party to provide a short overview of their policies that relate to the land trust movement in Ontario.


Experience the Carden Nature Festival this weekend


Introducing local people to the beauty of the alvars, grasslands, forests and wetlands of Carden is the key goal of the Carden Nature Festival, being held today and Sunday at the Carden Recreation Centre on Lake Dalrymple. From there, dozens of field trips depart to explore the charms of Carden over the two-day festival. But if you haven’t registered for these trips ahead of time, you can still participate. In addition to several field trips which you can join, there are a number of activities for kids and their families to take part in at no charge.


The 2014 Carden Challenge Sets New Records

The Loon Rangers

Eleven teams competed in the annual Carden Challenge, and in total recorded a record 158 bird species in a 24-hour period. Birds that were new to the Challenge, now in its 9th year, were Northern Shoveller, Lesser Scaup, and Greater Yellowlegs. Other notable finds included 23 warbler species, Red-headed Woodpecker, White-crowned Sparrow, and multiple reports of Yellow-billed Cuckoo.


David Phillips headlines Carden Nature Festival

Dave Phillips

Phillips gets our passion for weather, the role it has played in the history of our country and the place it holds in our psyche. What’s more, he knows how to tap into that rich vein in a way that makes us laugh both at ourselves and our often wild circumstances. He understands that a good story is the best way to disseminate facts.