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The history of a well-known spruce…Fred’s Tree

Fred Noakes

For many in Orillia, the blue spruce tree that stands tall at the corner of Mississauga and West is known as the Opera House Christmas tree. It is lit every year during the Candlelight Parade, taking place next Friday. But for my family, and many that knew my grandfather, it will always be known as Fred’s Tree.


Notes from the Field Fall/Winter 2014

Follow along with our volunteers and Stewardship Program Manager, David Hawke and learn about what it takes to care for land.


Go on an adventure with Molly and Meegan

Molly hugging a tree

Molly, and all people, have the right to swim in clean water, explore a variety of natural settings and to hug trees that have been around longer than any of us will be.

The beautiful wetlands, forests and alvars remain protected thanks to on-going support from people like you. And for that, I thank you. When the environment is nurtured and cared for, we all benefit.


Bird Watching for all ages: Canada Geese

David Homer - Canada Goose

Canada Geese have fared very well across Canada and many parts of the World in spite of significant residential and commercial growth. They have adapted to human intervention unlike any other bird, to the extent that for many of us, they have become quite a nuisance.


Land trust movement continues to gain momentum

OLTA land trust map

This past week Geneva Park hosted the Ontario Land Trust Alliance (OLTA) Gathering, an annual three day conference that brings together land trust members and others that are dedicated to protecting land. Each year, well over one hundred people attend. What an amazing feeling it is to be in a room with other people that are dedicated to a similar mission – to protect nature.