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Brendon Larson to speak at AGM – Jan 31

Some of the founding members of The Couchiching Conservancy

The annual general meeting of the Couchiching Conservancy will be a mixture of business and pleasure. Please join us Jan. 31 in the main building at ODAS Park on Fairgrounds Road to hear recent news, accomplishments from the past year and look at plans for the future. Everyone is welcome to attend.


Wishing everyone a green Christmas

It’s that time of year again, when folks will be searching for that perfect Christmas tree, either at tree farms or at neighbourhood stores.

Homes have been decorated with trees and branches, mostly evergreen, for thousands of years. It’s not difficult to imagine that during the darkest and coldest times of the winter, people were longing for something to remind them of warmer times. The rich green of evergreen boughs symbolized the promise of spring.


Geology around “Prairie Smoke” on the Carden Alvar

The following article has been prepared by Derek Ford, with photos by Heather Ewing and Ulrich Kretschmar. It looks at the geology of the alvar, with pictures of many of the unique features of the area.


The elusive Red-headed Woodpecker

Photo by Arni Stinnissen. Red-headed Woodpecker

The Red- headed woodpecker is a striking bird with a bright red head, contrasting blue/ black back and primary wing feathers and white breast and secondary wing feathers. It exhibits similar behavioural characteristics of all woodpeckers such as flight and tree climbing pattern. It is that solid bright red head that makes it easy to distinguish it from other members of the woodpecker family.


Choosing Who to Believe on Climate Change

Northern Cardinal on Feeder

One of the frustrations of the modern information society is the barrage of conflicting opinions put forth on almost any topic, from dieting to world peace. It is often difficult to decide which information to believe. Nowhere is that more evident than on the subject of climate change, where high-profile columnists continue to routinely insist that “there is little or nothing to be alarmed about”, based on their contention that the Earth has not warmed in nearly two decades.