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Finding a Balance: Wetland & Farmland in Ramara

2015 Ramara Wetland corner of Balsam & Orkney

The Couchiching Conservancy and the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority are teaming up to highlight the relationship between farmland and wetlands in Ramara Township.

They also want to help farmers and ranchers tap into funding available for fencing and water systems on private land that will help improve farm operations at the same time that they protect water quality.


Bird Watching: Bird Houses in the Winter

Shrike in Bird House

Come fall and winter when most of our song birds have gone south, we tend to forget the bird houses we have in our yards. But have another look!


Continuing to bring key habitat under protection

2015 Annual General Meeting

One of the organization’s key goals is to move beyond isolated islands of green by linking protected areas to create critical masses of natural habitat with connecting corridors.

In other words: bridge building.

For years now, the Conservancy has been at work with various partners on the Carden Alvar to protect this globally-rare ecosystem. The alvar — a limestone plain with shallow soil or no soil at all — lies just east of Lake Dalrymple and it has garnered interest around the world. Protecting it would be a good thing, but if it is isolated with no solid linkages to the northern shield territory, it will be devalued.


Another busy year In the Field

Tree Swallow

For those who may be asking, “just what is a land trust?” or “why do you need on-going support…doesn’t the land just sit there once you acquire it?”, here is an overview to answer those questions.