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Wild Education: Nature in the Neighbourhood

Nature in the Neighbourhood at Grant's Woods

Nature in the Neighborhood is The Couchiching Conservancy’s flagship youth engagement program. It was established to help ensure that students from all backgrounds have access to affordable, locally-based, outdoor education. By engaging students to seek and find the “wild” within their own community, we aim to empower our youth with the skills to explore the outdoors and nurture a love of the natural world.


Scout Valley the first stop in Passport to Nature

Scout Valley

Passport to Nature is a series of outdoor activities held on properties protected by the conservancy across the region. Over the course of eight months there will be hikes guided by expert naturalists, a canoe and kayak event, a wilderness painting expedition, and a bike and hike event for those looking for multiple dimensions to their recreational activities.


Skunk cabbage; a warm-blooded plant?

Skunk Cabbage

We look for the blossoms of crocus and snowdrops as signs of spring, but those who want to hurry the season can hunt for eastern skunk cabbage (Symplocarpus foetidus).


Want to Volunteer? Check our list of jobs here

Volunteer Thank You

The Couchiching Conservancy thrives because of its volunteers. The number of hours contributed annually is astounding and without the enthusiastic help of dynamic people who, as you can see from the photograph, aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, maintaining the properties we oversee and manage simply wouldn’t be possible.


Birding: Inside the life of a Loon

Dalrymple Loon by David A. Homer

There is excitement developing in the Common Loons that have spent the past few months off shore on the Eastern Seaboard. It’s an inner drive that compels them to begin their northern migration back to our lakes. It is not only an exciting time for them, but for those of us who are just now enjoying the warmth of an early spring sun and the longer days!


The secret to protecting natural spaces? Teamwork

Alexander Hope Smith by Gayle Carlyle

Nature reserves in Washago offer great examples of the ways The Couchiching Conservancy protects the properties under its care. They also illustrate the way teamwork combined with a passion for our home can yield wonderful results.

Thanks to the generosity of its residents and the progressive thinking of Severn Township Council, the Washago area is well-served by four properties that are accessible to the public for the enjoyment of nature.


Passport to Nature

Passport to Nature

The Passport to Nature is your chance to go beyond the end of the woods and explore some of the properties that The Couchiching Conservancy helps to protect.