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Wrapping up the 2015 Carden Challenge

2015 Carden Challenge

For the 38 participants in the Carden Challenge, 2015 was the year of the big peel, as conditions changed from ice in the water bucket at dawn to warm and sunny in the afternoon. The early date and cool conditions, combined with high winds on Friday evening, provided fewer species than usual, especially for the biodiversity teams seeking butterflies and dragonflies. Even so, among the 143 bird species recorded, there were three new species in this 10th Challenge – Peregrine Falcon, three Red-necked Grebes off Avery Point in Lake Dalrymple, and a V-shaped flock of Whimbrel flying overhead.


An unexpected adventure at Cameron Ranch

Cameron Ranch

For one of our younger volunteers, a visit to Cameron Ranch came with unexpected surprises. Follow along with Emily’s recollection of a day on “Ontario’s Serengeti”.


Volunteers recognized for outstanding contributions

2015 Pin Presentation to Karen Popp

A strong and dedicated group of volunteers brings a fresh perspective and a different sort of energy to the Couchiching Conservancy. Their contributions multiply the resources of the organization in so many ways: by increasing our capacity we can undertake new initiatives in conservation and preservation; our profile in the community is enhanced; our properties are maintained and protected for future generations and volunteers bring new insights and skills to the work we do.


Join the Carden Water Monitoring Team

Anne and Jamie taking water temperature in the Talbot River. Jamie has big hip waders on.

Become part of the team working to monitor and improve water quality in the Carden Alvar. You will learn to test for Phosphates, Nitrates, Temperature, and other water quality parameters. Working in teams of two, you will then take twice-monthly tests in the Talbot River Sub-watershed from June to November.


Five things you need to know about the renovation

Working in the basement

Keep informed on the office renovation! Grant’s Woods is closed to the public as of May 19, 2015 and we will send a notice to our members and supporters through our e-newsletter once we are open again.


Birders Getting Competitive for the Carden Challenge

2014 Carden Challenge

Over the past ten years, we have taken advantage of that diversity and competitive spirit by hosting the Carden Challenge, a friendly contest where teams of four compete to find the most species in a 24-hour period, and raise funds for conservation in the process. This year’s Challenge is May 22-23. New teams are welcome, and everyone is welcome to donate to their favourite team.


Thanks and see you soon!

Thanks for registering

Thanks so much for registering for the Passport to Nature! You can see the full schedule, pictures from events, sponsor info and more on our Passport page – click here. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us. Call our office at 705-326-1620 or email If you are just […]


Bird Watching: Ospreys, a large bird of prey

Osprey © David A. Homer

No matter where it is I travel, one bird I can usually count on seeing is the Osprey. Ospreys are one of the most widespread birds in the world and can be found on all continents except Anarctica. They are not difficult to identify as they are one of the largest birds of prey in North America with a wingspan of about five feet.