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Conservancy volunteers building for the future

Bruce, Hank and Kevin taking out windows

Conservancy volunteers help us to grow and build for the future – by contributing their time to assist with the office renovation and by attending community events on our behalf.


Our Volunteers – Year to Date

Volunteer Thank You

Thanks to the volunteers who have contributed their time, skills and energy to help with projects, in the field, in the office and more. Take a look at the list of people who have volunteered so far this year.


Protecting our lake’s lifelines

Trudy and Meagan at Perch Creek Headwaters

Headwaters are like the foundation of a building, and if they are compromised, so is the entire watershed. If the headwater stream stays cold year-round, it is of primary importance because it provides the larger, lower portions of the river with a steady base flow of clean water.

We have a group of volunteers testing these headwaters through a Water Quality Project.


Immersed in Conservation – A Look Back

Cameron Curran

Keeping ambitious in the field of conservation, adventures, getting your hands dirty and continual learning experiences are an essence in achieving personal happiness and professional growth. Recollecting on my time with the Couchiching Conservancy, I can safely say that if you are interested in being immersed in nature, a land trust could be an ideal organization to invest your time in.


Renovation: Growing & ‘Greening’ for the Future

Grant's Woods Reno

The office is currently under construction! Thanks to a grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation and a legacy gift from Bill Grant, we are greening & growing the office. We’ll update this post to share updates and pictures of the renovations.


Summary of Carden Activities in the Field

Young Moose

Spring and summer have buzzed along for the staff and volunteers of The Couchiching Conservancy. Protecting and caring for thousands of acres of land in the region is an on-going job that requires the help of many people who care for our landscapes.


Bobolink Project with Earth Rangers Wrap Up

In partnership with Earth Rangers, we were able to help the Bobolinks by doing a research and monitoring project.


Making lifelong memories, naturally

Daughter in a wetland

How can you help children engage in the wild outdoors? We can start by protecting the wild spaces for future generations and by making Nearby Nature Education and Exploration accessible to all.