Monthly Archives: September 2015

Support a new Community with the Forest at its Heart

We’re excited to announce that the newly-formed Copeland Forest Friends Association will officially launch Saturday, October 3rd from 10 am to 2 pm.  (more…)  


How we can all work to beat Global Heat

Another hot week in September, on top of the hottest summer on record, is yet another reminder of the relentless changes in the Earth’s climate.


Washago blessed with the “smell of green”

Jamie Ross & Lisa Neville Sparrow Lake

That quality likely comes from the degree of forest cover we still enjoy. A 2012 report from Trees Ontario, called A Healthy Dose of Green: a prescription for a healthy population, underlines the value of that cover.


Tim-brrrr – exploring the Kris Starr Sanctuary

Tree at Kris Starr Sanctuary

The Kris Starr Sanctuary is a mixture of alvar and Canadian Shield, with a diverse variety of species. The Head Rivers runs through a section of the property, and to the north, the property connects to the Queen Elizabeth II Provincial Park creating a vast wildlife corridor. Learn about the history of the property here.


Belted kingfishers worth paddling to see

Female Belted Kingfisher. Photo by Arni Stinnissen.

One bird announces its arrival with a rattling call, long before we see it, as it flies between tree branches above the water — the unmistakeable call of the belted kingfisher.