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Caring for the Land We Love – Fall/Winter 2015

well at Turnbull Ranch

With assistance from volunteers, we care for over 12,000 acres of diverse land across the region. Stewardship activities include property monitoring, taking species inventories, trail maintenance and more. Learn about what we have been up to this Fall.


Protecting Habitat on the Carden Plain

Blanding's Turtle by Cameron Curran

Alvar environments boast ecological communities that are incredibly rare and worth protecting for future generations. Regionally, the globally-significant Carden limestone plain is an area of large, diverse, and relatively un-fragmented habitat including alvars, shrublands, grasslands, forests, and wetlands.


Youth Volunteers are Caring for Nature

Youth Stewardship Team

There are a number of interesting ways for youth who are passionate about the environment to gain key in-field skills or assist with ongoing projects.


Couple put their business to work for conservation

Bruce, Don & Kristi in the gutted breezeway

Many business leaders are concerned about big-picture issues like climate change, the loss of habitat for Ontario species and clean water, but the colossal nature of these problems can lead to an uncomfortable sense of helplessness. Learn how Don Scott and Kristi McKechnie of Washago are taking action for the environment.


Happy Thanksgiving! What are you thankful for?

In our busy lives, we take so much for granted, that we sometimes forget to be thankful for what we have. That is why Thanksgiving is an important event in our society – a day to remind ourselves how truly blessed we are. My “Thankful list” is quite extensive, and as birds play an important role in my life, they comprise some of that list.


Elliott Woods: The jewel of the Moraine

Elliott Woods

Elliott Woods is a well-loved property that was donated in 2006 by Heather and Don Elliott. Learn more about the unique features of this jewel and plan your next outdoor adventure.