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Share Your Love of Nature on Giving Tuesday

How do you protect nature?

Share your love of nature on Giving Tuesday


Love Thy Nature – Holiday Giving Guide

Snowy Owl with Santa Hat

Looking for a unique gift? We’ve got options for you!


What is eco-therapy & why do we need it?

Julia Wolst

Good health requires more than good food and exercise. Our brains need care, too. Thankfully, taking some regular outdoor eco-therapy is much more pleasant than any diet or new exercise plan.


Bird watching: Social season for grouse

Ruffed Grouse by Arni Stinnissenn

Ruffed Grouse live in mixed hardwood and conifer forests where they can find refuge in the trees and enjoy the seeds of trees such as aspen and birch, as well as the numerous fruits of shrubs and bushes.


A change of scenery: walking trails

T.C Agnew Nature Reserve

A popular spot for walking, Grant’s Woods, has four kilometres of walking trails — and is currently closed. The work of the conservancy extends well beyond Grant’s Woods, though. There are a number of properties that are open to the public and some have established walking trails.


Passport to Nature a Wild Journey

Odd Trillium at Grant's Woods. Photo by Ellen Cohen.

Over the past seven months, The Couchiching Conservancy has been inviting people to visit our properties on guided hikes, bike rides, water events and walks. The seasons have changed, friendships were made and somehow the months have pleasantly flown by with the Passport to Nature series. It has now completed for the year and what an incredibly successful venture it has been!


Artist connects people to the natural world

Jeff Miller and Eleanor Reed at Elliott Woods

Through a program called Look, See, Paint, Jeff shows non-artists that they can access the deep experience of sitting in a quiet place, looking deeply at a scene, and putting some record of it down on paper.