Monthly Archives: December 2015

An ode to a fine place at the head of the lake

Alexander Hope Smith by Gayle Carlyle

What makes a city special? Follow along with ED Mark Bisset as he explains why he likes Washago so much.


Snowbirds come here for the winter

Snow Buntings

Snow buntings are the most northerly nesting songbird in the world. They are incredibly tough, arriving on their nesting grounds in April when temperatures often drop to minus 30 degrees. Learn more about this incredible bird in an article written by Ron Reid.


Support the 2016 Passport to Nature

Passport to Nature

We need help to make the 2016 Passport to Nature happen!


Making a win-win gift through The Heartwood Fund

Jane and Gordon Ball

For Gord and Jane Ball, making a gift to the Conservancy was a win-win. The Couchiching-Severn landscapes form the backdrop of our family’s life and history, and as such are a part of who we are. Our adult children return here to reconnect with the natural spaces they call “home”.


Bird Watching: Bald Eagles making a comeback

Bald Eagle by David Homer

Bald eagles in Ontario were designated as Endangered until just a few years ago. Thanks in part to the banning of DDT, they have made a comeback. Learn more about this bird.


Rooted in the north; how trees survive the winter

Trees covered in snow

Our native trees are perfectly adapted to our northern winters; they slow down their growth and reserve their energies for the coming spring.