Monthly Archives: January 2016

Natural stress relief to start off the New Year

Grant's Woods in the winter

These past two weeks have been all about 2015 – the many accomplishments, highlights, projects, acquisitions and other “stuff” that has happened in 365 days. Together with the staff and a few volunteers, we’ve been preparing The Couchiching Conservancy’s Annual Report.


In appreciation of the noisy, boisterous bullies

Photo of a Blue Jay by David A. Homer

When I first wrote about Blue Jays back in 2012, concentration was on their darker, meaner, rogue side as members of the Corvid family of birds which also includes Crows and Ravens; how they steal eggs and young of other birds to feed their own young and how they bully any other bird or animal in the playground!


Annual General Meeting – February 6, 2016

2015 Annual General Meeting

Join us at ODAS Park in Orillia to learn about the accomplishments we have made together in 2015, plans for 2016 and beyond and re-connect with fellow nature lovers. Our Annual General Meeting is open to anyone that is interested in our work. Members and supporters are highly encouraged to attend.


Good fences make good neighbours — and soakers

Pat McNaney at his farm on McNamee road

Farmers and Ranchers in Carden or Ramara Township have a number of options open to them for fencing.


Notes from the Field – Winter 2016 Edition

March Hike at Elliott Woods

Winter has become a busy time to care for Conservancy properties – particularly Bluebird Ranch. Read about the different activities that we taken part in with volunteers and staff through the winter. This post is updated often.


Step outside and let nature inspire you

Julia Wolst at Wolf Run

It can sometimes seem like we have a myriad of reasons not to get outside…but just get out there! Learn some tips from volunteer Julia Wolst on what she does with her family to ensure that they are all getting enough time in the great outdoors.