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Making Waves with Citizen Science

Sedge Wren water testing

Citizen science demonstrates the power of volunteers to make a difference to our natural environment. Learn about our Water Quality team from our volunteer interns.


So Grant’s Woods is closed…now what?

Elliott Woods

While Grant’s Woods is closed, we encourage everyone to explore some of the other properties we care for. For details and directions to all of these properties listed below, visit The Couchiching Conservancy’s website and click on Properties. From there you can click on the Property names on the map.


How the Conservancy Manages Forests


A great majority of the conservation lands that are managed by the Couchiching Conservancy contain woodlands. These forests may be magnificent hardwood stands, thick cedar swamps, or a wonderful mix of both conifer and hardwood; two properties even have those arrow-straight rows of planted pines. No matter what the composition, each forested area is closely monitored and managed by Conservancy staff.


Bird watching: Red-Tailed Hawk

A. Stinnissen Red-tailed Hawk

Red-tailed hawks are the most easily recognizable hawks we have. They are rather large, with stocky bodies and broad, rounded wings. They normally have brownish streaks on their white breasts, but their most distinguishing identifier is a short, wide and wonderful russet coloured tail.