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Grant’s Woods will re-open soon!

Grants Woods Reopen May 21

We’re happy to announce that the trails at Grant’s Woods will re-open soon!


The 17% pledge

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Upcoming events with The Couchiching Conservancy

Tanya walking Wylie Rd

These sunny days and warmer temperatures have got me eager to get outside, to explore some of the properties that The Couchiching Conservancy helps to protect and learn more about the species in the region. This year the Conservancy is offering up three major events and programs – The Passport to Nature, Carden Challenge and Walk Wylie.


Getting set to be challenged in Carden

Aiesha Aggarwal Yellow Warbler

On the morning of May 28th at least fifty hardy souls will emerge into the soft morning light to take part in the 12th annual Carden Challenge. The challenge part is not just getting out of bed. In the rich mosaic of natural habitats that make up the Carden limestone plain, the Challenge is finding the greatest number of birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians, butterflies and dragonflies in a 24-hour period.


Bird-Watching: Rose-Breasted Grosbeak

Rose-Breasted Grosbeak

In the bird world, there is a basic premise that male birds with bright plumage leave nest building and incubation duties to the female as their bright colours would attract would-be predators to the nest site. I guess that theory was left out of the young male Rose-breasted Grosbeak’s school curriculum, because they engage, along with the female in all of those activities.


Members Inspire Others to Take Action

Staff and members

How can we take action to ensure that the wild green places that we love are protected for our families and friends? Learn about the role that members have with The Couchiching Conservancy and join us!