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Column: Praise for the Conservancy

Meegan at the Agnew Nature Reserve

Humbleness has never been my strong suit.

But you see, sometimes bragging is for the greater good. Take for example the Couchiching Conservancy. Starting with a few like-minded people sitting around a kitchen table, back in 1993, dreaming about a better way to protect local ecology.


Carden Challenge Raises Over $23,000

The Cardenals win the Carden Cup with 133 species

Nearly 50 local birdwatchers topped off the busy month of May by participating in the 12th annual Carden Challenge, an event that combines skills, tenacity, and friendly competition for a good cause. The combined efforts of eleven participating teams raised over $23,000 in pledges and donations for the Carden Alvar programs of the Couchiching Conservancy.


Find the magic in Grant’s Woods

Grant’s Woods is one of 44 properties that The Couchiching Conservancy helps to protect. It was donated by Bill Grant, who had the simple desire to protect the forest that he and his family loved.


Songs by the thousand – the Brown Thrasher

D. Homer Brown Thrasher

Brown thrashers got their name from the thrashing sound they make as they forage for food in dried leaves and other vegetation on the ground. Where the “brown” came from is beyond me, because, in fact, they possess beautiful rufous- or rusty-coloured feathers on their back, wings and long tail.


RBC Supports Water Project for Second Year

Aiesha & Meagan testing silty waters at Grant's Wetland

RBC Bluewater and the Couchiching Conservancy are teaming up for a second year to monitor the water quality of critical streams and rivers in our region. There will be a kick-off event on June 2nd, which is RBC’s Clean Water Day nation-wide. Local RBC staff will join the Conservancy at Grant Wetland on Bay Street to watch our Water Team in action, learn how to test water themselves, and understand wetlands and watersheds.