Monthly Archives: July 2016

Property Stewardship: The Long Walk In

Wolf Run Stewardship Walk Group

Follow along with Volunteer Property Team Leader, Tom Wilson, as he recalls the ‘long walk in’ at Wolf Run Alvar.


Summer activities at the Conservancy

Little Bluestem

Get out to some of the properties we protect and attend events in support of our conservation efforts. There is a lot going on this summer!


Upcoming Event: July 21, All for Nun…the 2nd Coming

2016_Orillia Summer Theatre

Fill our Seats to Protect our Trails!

Order your tickets today! All for Nun…The 2nd Coming! Special price $25 per person on Thursday, July 21st 8pm at the OCC…with a portion going back to Couchiching Conservancy! OCC Box Office (former Cinema 4) Mon-Sat 11 – 2 p.m. call 705-242-4092 or at White Lions Tea House 33 Westmount Dr N, Orillia 705-259-0568


Birding: Mallards galore in Ontario

Mallard family by David A. Homer

Mallard ducks are now so common in our area that they can be found just about anywhere there is water. But it was not always so. When I was a small boy living in eastern Ontario, Mallards were seldom seen and when they were, they were referred to as “western ducks”. The most bountiful wild duck we had at the time was the American Black duck, a close relative of the Mallard. Now we see few “Blacks” and lots of Mallards. Both however are very beautiful birds.


Barn swallows: Gone in 24 hours

Barn Swallow

Executive Director, Mark Bisset, recalls his experiences with barn swallows through the years.


New discoveries at Grant Wetland

Aerial Photo of Grant Wetland via 1960s labelled

Our water monitoring project is growing and moving into town this year. Every time we add a new site we learn so much we wish we had done it sooner. We console ourselves with the adage: The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today.