Monthly Archives: August 2017

Over 2,000 sign 17% Pledge to Protect Nature

In 2016, The Couchiching Conservancy undertook a project called the 17% Pledge. Thanks to a grant from the Gosling Foundation, Kelcey McLean and I were hired as this year’s Engagement Organizers.


Property Monitoring Special: Who wants to be a scientist?

Who doesn’t want to be a scientist? It is one of the most intriguing jobs on earth. Nothing else has that same sense of wonder and discovery applied to it.


A Wild Partnership with the Ganaraska Trail

Black River area map

As we work to protect the Black River Wildlands just east of Washago, I have become aware of how much time I have wasted in a car to get to places I perceived to be pristine escapes.


Featured Bird: Cuckoos (Not Just on Clocks!)

I also was delighted by the farm houses, because in those days, most had a cuckoo clock.? I was also thrilled, with a little help, to pull the long chains which wound up the clock mechanisms. Little did I know that there was a real bird called a Cuckoo!