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Tanya Clark — Development Coordinator

Tanya Clark, Development Coordinator

Born: Barrie, ON (grew up in Orillia)

Favourite quote: Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine. Anthony J. D’Angelo

Indulgence: Junior Mints and buying music on iTunes.

Hidden talent: I’m really good at Just Dance for Wii. I can also peel an orange all in one peel. So those talents are in pretty high demand ha ha.

Your perfect day: Hiking the Lookout Trail in Algonquin in the Fall, spending time with friends, playing games (my new favourites are Apples to Apples and Sequence)

Favourite place I have visited: New Zealand! I was there for a month in 2011. I did the Tongariro Crossing, one of the top ten hikes in the world and also hiked on Franz Josef Glacier (see picture – pretty happy day). I absolutely loved it!

Fondest memory: Seeing my mom for the first time after travelling for four months (yaa…I cried).

Before working at the Conservancy: I was working in health care administration for two years (I know…totally different than land conservation). I was responsible for planning large scale events and some human resources work such as social events and website work.

What you love about working at the Conservancy: The passion. People are very passionate about this issue and it is great to see their dedication.

Favourite part about your job: Meeting new people and protecting what makes this area special.

Favourite place in the Couchiching region: Grant’s Woods. I love the walking trails.

When you’re not at the Conservancy, what do you do with your time? I’m in school part time and volunteer…so I’m usually pretty busy with those things. Other than that, I like hiking, reading, watching movies and spending time with friends and family.