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Mark Bisset — Executive Director

Mark bisset, Executive Director

Favourite phrase: What you gain in the meat you lose in the potatoes.

Indulgence: boats and sailing magazines

What I wanted to be when I was a kid: Explorer

What I love about working at the Conservancy: The privilege of doing work that is aligned with my personal values.

Favourite thing about my job: The sense of hope it gives me.

Most rewarding experience: Leading a group of Grade 1 students through the old growth of Grant’s Woods and seeing them taste the air, touch century-old white pines and marvel at the life in a decaying stump. When a white-tailed deer broke cover and bolted through the forest, the moment was perfect.

When you’re not at the Conservancy, what do you do with your time: Mess around in sailboats, canoe, camp, cycle, garden, read, ski, snowshoe, swim, weep for the Toronto Maple Leafs and occasionally build things that refuse to be level.