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Dorthea Hangaard — Citizen Science Project Manager

I grew up in the Couchiching Region and spent my childhood climbing trees on Orchard Point, rowing Invermara Bay on Lake Simcoe and downhill skiing at Horseshoe Valley. Those were the days of DDT and the Silent Spring, and I watched the last two Great Blue Heron leave Invermara Bay for the winter and never return. It is heartening to see that so many bird species have recovered and are back in our area.

Before coming to the Couchiching Conservancy, I worked for  conservation of the ocean on BC’s Central Coast, ensuring that BC’s deep sea corals and sponges have protection. I built a small cabin and lived off the grid and it was all a very good adventure.

Protecting habitat has been my passion since we entered the 21st century, because I believe it is one of our best hopes for riding out the destruction we have wrought on the planet. It is more meaningful than words can express to be protecting habitat with the Couchiching Conservancy on the land that raised me.

Influences:  Everyone in the Political Science and Environmental Studies Departments at University of Waterloo, Lester Brown, Jane Goodall, Daniel Suelo

Contact me  about Citizen Science research projects on our properties including Monitoring of:  Properties, Reptiles and Amphibians, Water Quality, Species at Risk, and Invasive Species.