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At the Booth: Tent and Table Set Up

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Booth General:

Tablecloth – there are tablecloth weights to clip to the corners to keep it from blowing around (they’re in the box with the pens, twine, tape etc)

The tent is best to set up with two people. One person can do it, but it means walking in a circle quite a few times. Generally at events there are always ‘neighbours’ who are willing to help (and who have more experience with tents) so let them help you, or don’t be afraid to ask if you are there on your own!

If you have a banner -set up the banner- pull it up carefully, fully extend the pole, insert the pole in the base & hook the top of the banner to it- remember when you take it down to do it slowly so it rolls up properly in the base). Banners can go beside or behind the table- whatever works best.

Sign for Email sign-up should go with the box & slips- same for sign for Volunteers & the application form

Please place the donation jar somewhere up front with the membership brochure.

Featured Items:

As you know we are always shifting gears and focusing on new campaigns, whether it is the Carden area and the Carden Challenge, the Passport to Nature or a new acquisition there may be different materials that we want to public to see. We will put a note in the folder for you so that you know what we are focusing on at the time you are volunteering. This should also keep things somewhat fresh for people who see the booth more than once per year.

Ambassador’ Report Back Sheet’:

We have developed a ‘Report Back Sheet ‘ for you. We ask that you fill it out so that when we report back to funders we can estimate the impact we have had as an ambassador team.  It allows us to report with more accuracy than we have in the past, how many people we talk to, how receptive they are, and what some common misconceptions are about us as an organization.

We know how hard it is to keep track of people exactly, (they seem to always show up all at once) so just do your best.


We have an “activity” for children-

Our regular activity is: guess the number of bugs in the jar for a chance to win a birdhouse- please put the birdhouse on the table near the front with the clipboard with the guess sheets in front of it. Only children get to make a guess. Parents can help but it is a children’s activity- say about 14 & under. (On occasion we have had adults who want to so just put a little star next to their name. )

The winner will be notified by telephone.

At times when we run out of birdhouses we will do our best to provide another activity for kids. We have colouring pages, books from other organizations and an ‘I Spy’ board. We will put one of the activities in the bin for you depending on the season and what is relevant at the time.

Lollipops for children:

The lollipops we buy are organic and we buy them at bulk barn. We will try to make sure there are always enough for you for the number of kids we expect to play. Please give out to kids who participate in our activity, or to kids who are just too adorable not to have one!

We have put the lollipop nutritional information in the bottom of the lollipop container for parents who want to know.  (Also, you may like to know that we don’t buy many at a time so they don’t sit around too long.)

There are a few extra sheets of paper in the folder for notes- if people have questions you can’t answer ask them to either call the office 705-326-1620 or email Courtney:

You may have slightly different materials (or more or less). Just do your best to make it look good. We trust you!