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This weekend! The 24-hr Carden Challenge


Birding, biodiversity, binoculars…these all come together in the 14th annual Carden Challenge, an event in support of our conservation efforts of the Carden Alvar.

The Carden Challenge will take place from Friday, May 25 at 6:00pm to Saturday, May 26 at 6:00pm.

Follow along on Twitter and Instagram for sightings, pictures and more. either search #CardenChallenge or follow The Couchiching Conservancy at @couchconserv


The goal of the Carden Challenge is simple:

Raise funds to support the stewardship of Carden’s alvar and habitats by counting as many species as possible during a 24-hour period.

  • Competitive Category for the keeners: count as many bird species as possible
  • Recreation Category for the easy going folks: count as many bird species as possible
  • Carden Critters Challenge: counts birds, mammals, herptiles, butterflies and dragonflies, with bonus points for species at risk.

Lunch is provided by Fowler’s Construction to all participants the Carden Challenge. The Challenge finishes off with a well-deserved dinner, care of the Lake Dalrymple church ladies. Not to be missed – they make the best pies!

Please register your team with Tanya Clark –

Celebrity Birder: Jeremy Bensette

JeremyWe are pleased to have Jeremy join us this year! Jeremy is an avid birder from Leamington, Essex County, Ontario. He absolutely loves wildlife and spend virtually all of his time immersing himself in it. He takes part in quite a few citizen science and volunteering programs, and spends a large portion of the year doing contract field biology work for Bird Studies Canada, as well as tour guiding in the Point Pelee and Essex County area.

Jeremy completed a record-breaking 2017 birding Big Year in Ontario. It was a combination of approximately 100,000 km driven, a couple flights, tram rides, bicycles, ferries, kayak, skis, snowshoes, a swim, and a wade through icy water took him to some pretty crazy places and crazy birds throughout this amazing Big Year across Ontario. Jeremy’s official final total was 346 bird species.

“My number one goal for my career as a naturalist is to expose and promote as many members of the general public as possible to delve into the ‘finer things’ like conservation, wildlife, and natural history, in hope that they too will want to get involved. The only way to effectively do that, in my opinion, is to inspire and impress those not currently interested, and try to steer them in the direction of good…The main work I do supports a purely conservation-minded project, building up data regarding the health of the Great Lakes, and I spend much personal time, thought, and energy on voluntary conservation efforts.”

Read about Jeremy’s Ontario Big Year here.

Jeremy has asked friends and work colleagues to join his team: Tim Arthur, Amanda Guercio, and Paulette Hebert

Sponsor Jeremy’s Team, Golden-winged Warriors 

Looking for a different kind of challenge? Consider taking part in Walk Wylie, happening May 26th from 9am – noon.

Carden Challenge Teams


Golden-winged Warriors: Sponsor here

Ravin Ravens (also in Biodiversity): Sponsor here


Pink Flamingos: Sponsor here

Loon Rangers: Sponsor here

Couch Potatoes: Sponsor here

Fantastic Fledgings


Let’s Wing It: Sponsor here


Green Snakes on the Plain: Sponsor here

The Bruce and Spruce Moose: Sponsor here


Resources for Participants

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