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Featured Bird: Cuckoos (Not Just on Clocks!)

I also was delighted by the farm houses, because in those days, most had a cuckoo clock.? I was also thrilled, with a little help, to pull the long chains which wound up the clock mechanisms. Little did I know that there was a real bird called a Cuckoo!


Something to chirp about on Parliament Hill

Gray Jay or Canada Jay by David A. Homer

Of all the bird species in North America, sixteen species have American in their name. There are only two species with Canada in their name.


Featured Bird: Northern Flickers

We are blessed by Woodpeckers! Worldwide, there are 210 different species, but in Ontario we only have 9 of them.


Over 150 species counted during Carden Challenge

couch potato chips 2017

All together the eleven teams counted over 200 species – birds, butterflies, mammals and more. With their efforts, and your kindness, $19,200 has been raised to date, with more funds coming in daily to support our conservation efforts of the Carden Alvar!


The Carden Challenge: Working Together for Nature

It’s around 5:30 pm on Friday and the teams are starting to gather at the cabin. Tents are being pitched, cars parked and tally sheets distributed. It’s nearly time for the Carden Challenge to start.


Feature Bird: Eastern Towhees

After a minute or so listening and watching, the noise stopped and from out of the undergrowth, a male Eastern Towhee flew up to the rail fence, tipped his head up and began to sing his heart out….”drink your tea…drink your tea!”


It’s Event Season! Join the Passport, Challenge & Walk

Volunteers in Action

Birding, Walking, Biodiversity and Wilderness. Take part in some of the great upcoming events to connect with nature in our neighbourhood!


Follow along – Carden Challenge starts Friday!

Mark your calendar! Get your birding ear back in tune – Grab your binos and butterfly nets…the Carden Challenge is upon us!


The Fantastic World of Bird Nicknames

Pileated Woodpecker

Reading an article on woodpeckers, the author referred to a Pileated woodpecker as a “Logcock”. That was a term I had never heard and it got me thinking. How many birds do I know that have nicknames?


In the News: Wildlife On the Move

A decade ago, we would visit Niagara-on-the-Lake for a glimpse of these species, and marvel that their ranges just barely reached into the southernmost bits of Ontario.