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Articles about protected properties, new and existing.

Notes from the Field – Spring 2018

Citizen science, trail maintenance, monitoring and more. These are the things enclosed in the Spring edition of the Notes from the Field,


Notes From The Field – Winter 2018

Read the Winter edition of Notes from the Field.


Notes From the Field – Fall 2017

Notes from volunteers and staff about our field observations, research, maintenance, and adventures stewarding Couchiching Conservancy properties.


Notes From The Field – Summer 2017

A look at volunteer and staff activities at some of the properties we help to protect and care for with your support! Check back often.


Non-hibernating Mode; Nature in Winter

Anyone who knows me knows I am not a huge fan of winter. In fact, that would be putting it mildly.
Given that humans have not evolved to hibernate through winter, I must figure out a way to make it through to springtime


All You Need is an Hour on the Alvar


It was October 1st, 2016, with one whole hour to spare before heading back to the campground just west of Carden, Ontario. I wondered where I should head out for a hike. Given the vastness of the near-by Carden Alvar landscape in terms of natural and recreational resources, I thought I would make a decision on-the-fly as to where to explore.


The ins and outs of Conservation Easements

2016 Deadman hardwood swamp_landscape

The Couchiching Conservancy land trust is involved with land protection in three ways: We own the land, we partner with other organizations (for example, Ontario Parks, Nature Conservancy of Canada, Ontario Heritage Trust) to acquire and manage the land, or we work with private landowners to protect their land using a conservation easement.


Notes from the Field: Scout Valley

scout valley birdwatching

This summer drought has dried up may creeks around the region, and highlighted the importance of protected headwaters. Mill Creek originates in the wetland above Scout Valley and then winds it way through the forest and downhill to join up with Ben’s Ditch.


Property Stewardship: The Long Walk In

Wolf Run Stewardship Walk Group

Follow along with Volunteer Property Team Leader, Tom Wilson, as he recalls the ‘long walk in’ at Wolf Run Alvar.


New discoveries at Grant Wetland

Aerial Photo of Grant Wetland via 1960s labelled

Our water monitoring project is growing and moving into town this year. Every time we add a new site we learn so much we wish we had done it sooner. We console ourselves with the adage: The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today.