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Nature Counts: January 18, 2020

Nature Counts is an annual event to report back on the results of our Citizen Science Stewardship Program and Ambassador Program. The event will be held Sunday November 17th from Noon to 4 pm at the St. Paul’s Centre.


185 acres protected within the Black River Wildlands!

Stickleback Stream monitoring site at the Pitts and Milligan property

Learn about our acquisition and stewardship campaign to protect areas of the Black River Wildlands Corridor


The Perilous Life of a Nesting Turtle

Turtle Nesting season is winding down, but there are still some on the move finding nesting sites or going back to their wetlands. This post has tips for helping turtles, explains their nesting habits, and has video footage of a Blanding’s Turtle nesting in the gravel on the side of a busy road.


Notes From the Field – Summer 2019

The comings and goings of the Conservancy volunteers and staff at the Nature Reserves.


Species on the Brink: Lunch and Learn Event Jan 22nd

What is involved in working to save a Species at Risk? How does one decide what species to work on? Volunteers and members are invited to attend