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Notes From The Field – Summer 2017

Stewardship is not always about letting things be and grow as they are.  Sometimes we have to take serious action on threats to our landscape like invasive species.  The first week of summer our Stewardship Program Manager was in the field culling Dog Strangling Vine to make room for native plants to thrive.  While working […]


Expedition Alvar: The 2017 Carden Challenge

Just imagine the opportunity to embark on an environmental expedition that immerses you in the depths of wilderness, where you get to learn, explore, and engage with nature alongside like-minded people. A whirlwind “safari,” if you will, for 24 hours observing species at risk, breathing in fresh air, and taking immediate conservation action all while having fun.


Why be a member of The Couchiching Conservancy?

Doug Christie

Hear from our President of the Board of Directors, Doug Christie, on why you should be a member of The Couchiching Conservancy.


Conserving Creativity with the Orillia Museum

Bird House Building with OMAH. Photo by Deb Halbot

The Orillia Museum of Art & History and The Couchiching Conservancy are proud to announce, Conserving Creativity, as part of 2017’s Ontario150 celebrations in showcasing the legacy of our cultural landscape.


Special: When the land gets a hold on you

Sometimes a little patch of earth seeps into you until it gets a little hard to discern where it ends and you begin.
It’s funny that we don’t have a word for that feeling, though countless people have experienced it across the ages.


The Great Canadian Giving Challenge

2017 Great Canadian Giving Challenge

Every $1 donated* to The Couchiching Conservancy in June earns us a chance to win a $10,000 donation! (minimum $3 donation required)


Passport to Nature: Are Your Kids Nuts for Nature?

The Couchiching Conservancy will be holding the 3rd “Nuts for Nature” family funfest at the Carden Recreation Centre this coming Sunday, June 11 from 9 am to 4 pm. The focus is on kids and their exposure to the natural world.


Over 150 species counted during Carden Challenge

couch potato chips 2017

All together the eleven teams counted over 200 species – birds, butterflies, mammals and more. With their efforts, and your kindness, $19,200 has been raised to date, with more funds coming in daily to support our conservation efforts of the Carden Alvar!


Fantastic Tips for Spring Wildflower Photography

Using the camera on your smartphone or the automatic settings of your camera will provide you with a satisfactory but ordinary image. Here are some tips that will help you take extraordinary images of wildflowers.


Passport to Nature: Underway for a Third Year

This is just one possibility of sightings and experiences that you could encounter when you attend a Passport to Nature event at one of the 45 properties that The Couchiching Conservancy helps to protect.