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Citizen Science Training Happening Now

Ann Marie, Alan, and Jane at the Avenza for iphone course (photo: Dorthea Hangaard)

As we inch closer to the spring field season, citizen science volunteers are currently getting the training they need for their chosen monitoring discipline.  After recruiting through January and early February, training courses began February 10th and will continue until early May.  For the most part, these courses happen indoors…in a nice warm classroom.   Many citizen scientists are taking extra courses with us to expand their knowledge base while in the field.  After monitoring Reptiles for a year, for example, you may now find yourself wondering what sort of frogs you’ve been hearing on your property visits.   Helping you improve your naturalist skills helps us!

  Find out what’s on offer by clicking here. 

While most volunteer positions are now filled,  we still have a couple of opportunities to join a frog monitoring team in Carden, and one Property Team monitoring spot (also in Carden).  Otherwise, we can put you on a waiting list for next year.

Thank you to all who have signed on to help us with this important work.