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Conservation groups unite to save turtles

blanding turtle
Blanding turtle

Kids For Turtles Environmental Education has joined forces with The Land Between, The Couchiching Conservancy,Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre,

Muskoka Conservancy, Toronto Zoo and Ontario Nature, with funding assistance from Earth Day Community Environment Fund to expand the 2012 turtle nest protection project.

The 2013 Turtles for Life/Turtle Guardian project consists of action and education to increase the survival rate of Ontario’s native turtle species during their critical reproduction stage. Currently, seven of Ontario’s eight native turtle species are at-risk. Predation by raccoons, skunks and foxes is a major problem for buried eggs. The project will help ensure a higher rate of egg survival through the installation of nest protection cages that protect the eggs and allow a safe exit for hatchlings. By locating freshly laid turtle nests and covering them with a protective cage before they are predated and by monitoring the site until the baby turtles emerge, the hatch rate of turtle eggs will be significantly increased.

Volunteers will be trained through workshops to install and monitor turtle nests which they have identified. For a $25.00 enrolment fee volunteers can may become Turtle Guardians and receive the benefits of belonging to this new organization dedicated to helping Ontario’s native turtles.

Below are the four workshops planned and preregistration information:

Kids For Turtles – May 4, 10am to noon, Regan House, Scout Valley (Line 15 south of Old Barrie Road), Orillia,

Email or call Sandy Agnew 705-835-6824

Muskoka Conservancy – May 4, 2pm to 4pm, Senior’s Centre (54 Dominion Street, Bracebridge)

Email or call Kristie Virgoe 705-645-7393 ext. 204

Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre – May 11, 1pm, 16160 Hwy 12 E, Midland.

Email or call Sara Street 705-527-7809

The Land Between – May 18, Kinark Outdoor Centre, 1766 Queen’s Line Road, Minden Hills, Haliburton.

Email  or call Leora Berman 705-457-4838