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Photos, Videos, Maps, Reports

“The forest is a public gem and public access should be maintained. Especially in these frenetic times,
people need green oases of nature to enjoy. Parks such as Copeland encourage people to be active and to
appreciate nature.” – Barrie resident


Download the full report of recommendations to MNR:

Download a summary of the Copeland Open Forum Reports generated at the November 3, 2012 meetings here.

2010 Oro Moraine Report Card

Do you have a photo or video to share of the Copeland Forest?  If so, send it to dorthea(at) and we will add it to this site.

Photo Albums:

The Copeland Forest Flickr site:

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Album of the November 3, 2012 Open Forum Meeting:

  • Cladonia rangiferina

    Cladonia rangiferina