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Monthly Giving

You have likely heard of Netflix, Amazon Prime and monthly subscription boxes. But what about a monthly ‘subscription’ that does some good?
Your monthly gift ensures the places you love are protected and cared for. With your support, the Conservancy and volunteers are able to act when issues occur and supports efforts to protect more land.
A monthly donation of $25 would allow us to protect 16 acres of land for a year. Any donation amount helps! In an age of environmental paralysis, together with your support, we get things done!

Benefits to you:

  • Easy to set up!
  • No reminders to renew your support
  • Peace of mind that you are supporting important work
  • Greener option – less paperwork
  • Splits your giving up across 12 months
  • A portion of your monthly gift can be directed to membership
  • One tax-receipt and big thank you letter
  • A coveted Conservancy touque!

Benefits to the Conservancy that help us be more efficient:

  • Simple to administer
  • Lower postage, stationary and printing costs
  • Provides us with stable support over the year rather than highs and lows
  • Helps us to plan projects

Here’s what a few Monthly Givers are saying…

“I chose Monthly Giving because it’s so easy to set up. I just gave The Couchiching Conservancy my information and they took it from there. I know that my donations make a difference every month to their conservation efforts”

“I understand there are on-going costs to care for land, which is why I am a monthly giver. With my busy schedule, this is a simple giving option that helps me plan my giving for the year, reduces paperwork and gives me peace of mind

Set up your nature subscription

You can arrange a monthly donation of any amount directly through your bank, by credit card, or through Canada Helps (below).

Conservancy Touque

When you sign up for monthly giving, you will not only be supporting the protection of some of your favourite forests, wetlands and alvars, you will also receive a ‘coveted’ Conservancy toque as our thanks.


For more information on Monthly Giving, please contact Tanya Clark (tanya(at) or 705.326.1620)