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Little Sprouts

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Who are the Little Sprouts?

The Little Sprouts are a group of children ages 4-8 and their parents who meet monthly to discuss an eco-theme which they practice throughout the month.  This group is free to join and open to the public. Parents follow along on a closed Facebook group and participate by posting photos of their children learning about the monthly theme. Monthly meetings are held at Grant’s Woods on the last Sunday of every month.  At each meeting, the children discuss the theme and what they’ve learned, then a game is played that relates to the theme, and finally the children receive their sticker.

How does it work?

A monthly meeting is organized to set up the tasks and activities children can perform related to their eco-theme. By completing the tasks, the children receive stickers to fill their personal certificates. There are also field trip outings and special days of action when the whole group participates together to receive a sticker.

Can my children and I join the group?

We will be very happy to count more Little Sprouts in Orillia! For more information, please email Danielle at

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Little Sprouts events and meetings:

All meetings start at 9:30am, and take place at Grant’s Woods (1485 Division Rd West, Orillia, ON).

January 29, 2017

This month we took action on Energy Saving. This month the focus is on doing what we can to save energy in our homes and in our daily lives.

At this meeting, the Little Sprouts will share what they learned about energy saving this month and earn a sticker for their certificate.

We’ll meet in the Couchiching Conservancy office to share what we learned, then discuss next month’s Eco theme.

February 26, 2017


March 26, 2017


April 30, 2017