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Resources for Volunteers

Citizen science volunteers Carol Sinclair and Jane Sloley prepare salamander boards.

General Volunteer Information:


General Resources for Working in the Field:

The Little Brown Bat is listed as Endangered in Ontario


Download the Latest Species at Risk List for our Region

Did you know that Little Brown Bats are Endangered in Ontario due to a disease known as white nose syndrome?  It is  caused by a fungus that was inadvertently brought to North America from Europe.  The syndrome disrupts their hibernation cycle.    There are 8 species of bats in Ontario.




Resources for Ambassadors:

Ambassador Reporting Back Form


Resources for Frog Monitoring Teams:


“How Frogs Work” podcast from “Stuff You Should Know”

Did you know that Leopard frogs can catch an insect with their tongue in .07 seconds, five times faster than humans blink?  Find out more about frogs by listening to the podcast. 


Resources for Property Monitoring Teams:

Download the Latest Property Monitoring Form

Archived Property Team Newsletters:

Resources for Water Monitoring Teams:

Download the Latest Water Monitoring Form


Read the 2016 Water Quality Monitoring Report





Archived Water Team Newsletters: