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Resources for Volunteers

If you are an active citizen scientist with the Couchiching Conservancy, we hope you will join us December 2nd. 

On Sunday December 2nd from 1:30 to 4 pm, we’re going to take over the basement of the St. Paul’s Centre and hold an event for all of our monitoring teams (including General Property Monitoring, Water Monitoring, Whip-poor-will surveys, and Reptile & Amphibian monitors).   *Please RSVP*   Contact Dorthea by phone (705) 326-1620 or email: 

There will be sessions specific to each monitoring activity and a gathering in the main hall with speakers, booths, and food.  

Find out how much we were able to accomplish together this year, what we do with your data, and give us feedback on what you like and don’t like about the program. 

There will also be games, door prizes, and food.  Try your luck at Pin the Tail on the Moose and other games of chance to increase your odds of winning a door prize.

Here’s the full schedule: 


General Volunteer Information:


General Resources for Working in the Field:


2018 October SPECIES AT RISK for CC area

Did you know that the Midland Painted Turtle is now listed Federally as a Species at Risk?  That means that all turtles in our region are now considered at risk.  Many people comment that they see Midland Painted Turtles “all the time”.  While they are more common than most of our other turtles, note how many times you see juvenile Midland Painted around.   They take five years to reach sexual maturity and can live up to 40 years in the wild.  



Resources for Ambassadors:

Ambassador Reporting Back Form


Resources for Frog Monitoring Teams:

Archived Frog Team Newsletters:

“How Frogs Work” podcast from “Stuff You Should Know”

Did you know that Leopard frogs can catch an insect with their tongue in .07 seconds, five times faster than humans blink?  Find out more about frogs by listening to the podcast. 


Resources for Property Monitoring Teams:

Download the Latest Property Monitoring Form

Archived Property Team Newsletters:


Resources for Reptile Monitors:

Archived Reptile Team Newsletters:



Resources for Salamander Monitors:

Archived Salamander Monitoring Newsletters:



Resources for Water Monitoring Teams:

Download the Latest Water Monitoring Form


Read the 2016 Water Quality Monitoring Report





Archived Water Team Newsletters:


Resources for the Whip-poor-willians:

Archived Whip-poor-willian Newsletters: