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Heartwood Fund Reaches a New Milestone

The Couchiching Conservancy has reached a major milestone for the Heartwood Fund…$1 million in pledges.

A group of 40 Conservancy supporters gathered at the home of Bob and Wendy Sullivan to celebrate the achievements of the Heartwood Fund, an endowment fund that was launched one year ago. This fund will support the operations of the Conservancy in perpetuity and is made up of legacy contributions such as wills, donations of insurance policies, land, stocks and cash.

At this celebration event, Gord Ball announced that the fund has hit the $1-million mark in pledges. Gord is the chair of the Past Presidents council, which is made up of every past President of the Conservancy along with two past treasurers. You can view a video of Gord making the annoucement here.

“Our organization has truly changed the future landscape of our region,” Ball said. “We know we have a promise to keep – forever.”

As the Conservancy celebrates its 20th year, Ball said the Past Presidents are looking for 20 new Heartwood Fund pledges by the end of 2013. Though hitting the $1 million mark is a wonderful achievement, Ball said it’s just a start; the Conservancy hopes to raise $10 million by 2025.

Conservancy President David A. Homer praised the work of the Past Presidents Council in hitting the $1 million mark. “We are blessed to have this group of Past Presidents making such a remarkable contribution to the future health of the organization. It’s inspiring really,” Homer said.

The Sustainability Network provided assistance in developing the Heartwood Fund initiative through a program called Good to Great, but the effort is almost entirely volunteer-driven.

Heartwood Fund donors Ann Kennett and Sandy Agnew, both long-time supporters of the Conservancy, spoke of the importance of funding the operations side of the organization. Agnew said it is the toughest funding to come by in today’s economic climate.

A new short film was also premiered during the event. The video, created by Conservancy supporter Peter Dale, profiles three people who have given major gifts. It explains how major gifts can be a win for the donor as well as conservation thanks to significant tax benefits.  The film can be viewed on our YouTube channel.

If you are interested in being a part of this success, and planning your living legacy, please contact the Couchiching Conservancy.

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