In the Field

Notes from the Field – Summer 2018

Holly Brown and Eileen Atkinson stand below a large rock outcrop at the Adams Nature Reserve

Follow volunteers and staff as they visit conservancy properties and discover the species living there.


Passport to Nature, great events throughout the year!

2018 Passport Feature

The 4th program of the Passport to Nature is here! 25 events throughout the year to get you outdoors to explore our beautiful region, learn from experts and get involved in local conservation efforts.


A River Runs Through It: 730 Acres Protected

Nature Reserve Named After Founding President

Supporter Spotlight: Harry Hall

Harry and Marian Hall

Harry Hall has spent his life exploring the world as a physician and nature enthusiast. Read on to learn about Harry and why protecting the alvar matters to him.


Announcing our newest staff member in the Engagement Organizing Position: Joelle!

Hi everyone, my name is Joelle and I just recently graduated with a Bachelor of Environmental Science & Studies from Trent University.


Reporting Back: How it Helps

Last year we introduced a new ‘reporting back sheet’. It is a simple document that helps us know how your day went in the field. It asks questions about how many people you spoke to and what you talked about, and a simple as it is, it is essential to us.


Passport Tips and Tricks

Passport Header

Let people know that events are free because the passport is paid for by the sponsors in the booklet. Tell people that if they go to these local businesses to thank them for supporting us!


Supporter Spotlight: Paul Middaugh

Paul Middaugh

Member and Volunteer, Paul Middaugh, is featured in our Supporter Spotlight!


At the Booth: Tent and Table Set Up

As you know we are always shifting gears and focusing on new campaigns, whether it is the Carden area and the Carden Challenge, the Passport to Nature or a new acquisition there may be different materials that we want to public to see.


PSA: Our Citizen Science Programs are Full!

With so many local citizens wanting to protect nature our programs filled up as fast as we announced them. Properties have teams, and waters are being monitored – but how does this affect the Ambassador experience?