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Resources & Maps

This page is a source of information and includes brochures we have printed, maps, reports we have published and other related information. Click on the titles below to see the document.

Property Trail Maps:

Grant’s Woods trail map

Thomas C. Agnew Nature Reserve Property Map

Alexander Hope Smith Nature Reserve Property Map

Experience the Carden Alvar on Foot – Walking Trails for Public Use. Learn more about opportunities for Birders, Hikers & Naturalists.

Area Maps:

Couchiching Conservancy Properties

Carden Nature Guide – map of the area, directions and information on properties. (fyi Kirkland Rd is actually Kirkfield Rd)

Other Resources of Interest:

Managing Hay & Pasture Booklet – a booklet outlining best practices and guidelines for farmers and land-owners for hay and pasture management.

Flora of Carden – Interested in learning about the different plants that thrive in Carden? Click one of the links below to download the booklet.

Grow Me Instead – Non-invasive Plants for Your GardenOntario Invasive Plant Council

Ontario Wildlife Rescue – “Our primary goal is to connect people who have found injured or orphaned wild animals with those who can look after them and get them back into the wilds”

A Quick Reference Guide to Ontario’s TurtlesScales Nature Park

Nature Photography – A Beginner’s Guide


Science & Sightings

One of the original objects of The Couchiching Conservancy is to promote and undertake research and data collection on the natural environment, and to distribute the findings to the public. While it is vitally important to keep locations of species at risk confidential to avoid poaching and other threats, the Conservancy has become a repository of information about local nature, some of which is included here. We also cooperate with supporters, such as mycology enthusiast Dr. Nancy Ironside, to retain data and make it available to the public. Click here for more on Dr. Ironside’s mycology site.

List of Archived Articles:
Towards an Integrated Carden Conservation Strategy Part 1: Healthy Ecosystems & Species at Risk published June 2008

Grassland and Shrubland Birds within the Carden Plain: Recent Monitoring Results published January 2011

Carden area species list (Provided by The Nature Conservancy of Canada) Please note: this is an Excel spreadsheet file.



Have you seen an unusual insect? Want to share your experience of an Osprey siting or ask a question of a fellow nature-lover? Follow this link to the Simcoe Nature Board to find out more about natural happenings and sightings in Simcoe County.