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Legacy Landscapes – now open at the Orillia Museum

Mark Bisset takes in the Legacy Landscapes show

To celebrate 25 years of land conservation, The Couchiching Conservancy is presenting “Legacy Landscapes”, an art exhibition highlighting the natural beauty of our unique properties. Almost 40 professional landscape artists have created their impressions of Conservancy landscapes, with the Orillia Museum of Art and History partnering to provide gallery space for this impressive collection.

“Legacy Landscapes” opened Saturday, November 10, 2018 in the Carmichael Galley of the Orillia Museum of Art and History (OMAH). This special show will continue until March 24, 2019.

Many of the artworks are available for purchase, with proceeds divided between the artist, OMAH, and Couchiching Conservancy. A catalogue of the show is being prepared and will be available at a later date.


Collage of Legacy Landscapes art

A few examples of art in the show.


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Beckett, Dave ~ Bermingham, Wendy ~ Bianco, Tony ~ Blair, Cynthia ~ Bulas, Marlene ~ Cadieux, Catherine ~ Collins, Heather ~ Cunnington, Tanya ~ Forde, Paul ~ Godfrey, Kathy ~ Grant, Lewis  (on loan) ~ Grigg, Kate ~ Grise, Deb ~ Hawke, Juliana ~ Hurdle, Ruth ~ Ironside, Monica ~ Jones, Nancy ~ Kerslake, Roger ~ LeBoeuf, Joan ~ Leeman, Anita ~ Luchese, Jeanette ~ McEwen, Joanna ~ McGarvey, Will ~ McKnight, Claudia ~ Mills, Peter ~ Nix, Sharon ~ Schamehorn, Liz ~ Shilling, Bewabon ~ Shilling, Travis ~ Slater, Hilary ~ Tully, Mary Ann ~ Van Halem, Murray ~ Werstuk, Dan ~ Wheeler, Jan ~ Wild, Karen ~ Williams, Charlotte ~ Williams, Regina ~ Wilson, Jane

Nature Reserves Represented:

Adams Nature Reserve ~ Alexander Hope Smith Nature Reserve ~ Carden Alvar Provincial Park ~ Carthew Bay Nature Reserve ~ Church Woods Nature Reserve ~ East Coulson Swamp Nature Reserve ~ Grant Wetlands Nature Reserve ~ Grant’s Woods Nature Reserve ~ Ling Easement ~ Roehl Wetland Nature Reserve ~ Reid Nature Reserve ~ Scout Valley Easement ~ Starr Sanctuary ~ Thomas C. Agnew Nature Reserve ~ Waterthrush Woods ~ Wilkins Easement ~ Wolf Run Alvar