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Notes from the Field – Spring 2017

Grant Wetland has a new property monitoring team:  Adrienne Kohl and Alyson Karson.  On April 20th, Adrienne took her first monitoring trip of the property, accompanied by Dave Hawke Dorthea Hangaard.  Grant Wetland is our most urban property, but we saw four kinds of willow trees and heard the mating call of a Wood Frog.  We looked for suckers in Sundial Creek, who could show up any day now, but found none.   Property Monitoring Teams are assigned a permanent property to caretake and visit at least one per season.  If you are interested in becoming a Property Monitor, click here.  


Garry Fell and Geri Poisson are the new Property Monitoring Team for Church Woods, our southern-most property.  On April 13th, Geri made his first site visit to the property with Dave Hawke and Dorthea Hangaard.   Wild Leek were in abundance, and Coltsfoot was just beginning to bloom.  Large Beech Trees and a mature stand of Black Walnut were observed, and one remaining living Butternut Tree.   Garry and Geri will continue to monitor this property seasonally.  If you think you’d like to be a Property Monitor, click here for the job description and available opportunities



While some Water Teams never stopped testing this winter (Andrew McPhee, Morris Ilyniak, Alyson Karson, Laura Robert), most teams are now ready for the spring freshet.  The deep and fast-moving waters in spring make it extra-challenging to collect samples safely and effectively.  Here’s Adrienne Kohl sampling from the Talbot River at Doyle Road using the lay-on-the-culvert method.  April 12, 2017.  Photo by Jennie Clark.





Bill and Vicki Sherwood made an early start at their water monitoring site on Shrike Road in Carden.  On a balmy Sunday afternoon on April 2nd, they spotted this Brook Stickleback in McGee Creek as well as Bluebirds, Robins, and Turkey Vultures.  All are sure signs of spring! The Stickleback posed for a quick photo and was returned to his stream unharmed.  Click here to see more water team photos