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Notes From The Field – Winter 2018

Brown Creeper.

A great sighting on a cold day! Tanya Clark, Development Coordinator, and her family were out at the Alexander Hope Smith Nature Reserve on January 14, and saw a Brown Creeper!

Brown Creepers are tiny yet lanky songbirds. They have long, spine-tipped tails, slim bodies, and slender, decurved bills. Learn more about this bird on All About Birds.

The Alexander Hope Smith Nature Reserve was donated in 2007 by Ms. Hope Smith. At 113 acres, this precious tract of green space stands in memory of her grandfather, one of the early settlers in this area. Learn more here and download a trail map.

Morris Ilyniak monitoring water quality along Mill Creek in Scout Valley. Dec 11 ’17 photo: Grant Mask

For members of the Water Team, the rule-of-thumb on when to stop monitoring for the year is:  When you are no longer comfortable going out.  For some teams  this is a green light to go out all winter.  Grant Mask and Morris Ilyniak monitor Mill Creek in Scout Valley, which has a strong enough flow that it usually doesn’t freeze over. 


When asked why he likes to water test in the winter, Morris said, “Environmental problems don’t choose seasons.  I feel it is important to go out all year round to get the most accurate baseline information.”

Morris says that winter water testing is enjoyed most  from the warmth of the car when its over!


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