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November 13, Presentation by Cameron Curran

Photo by Cameron Curran: The Bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus), evidence of conservation success in Carden, Ontario.

Join in to take a virtual tour of the Carden Alvar with Cameron Curran in partnership with the Carden Field Naturalists.

Wednesday, November 13th


Carden Recreation Centre


Passport to Nature: Stewardship Through Science Communication, Through the Lens of Carden Biodiversity

The Carden Alvar is a shimmering mosaic of globally rare wildlife habitats situated between southern and central rural Ontario. Often going unnoticed, the rich biodiversity found in the area is in critical need of conservation for long term. You’re invited to attend an evening of science communication, where you’ll have the opportunity to virtually visit the wondrous woodlands, alvars and wetlands of Carden.  Accompanied by photographs and video, this journey is sure to fuel your appreciation for wild creatures that call Carden home. This event is in partnership with the Carden Field Naturalists Club.

Thank you to our sponsors – the Past Presidents Council