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Passport Tips and Tricks

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When it comes to the Passport to Nature we have gone from success to success and people are beginning to recognize it and ask for it.  We will have lots for you to hand out so don’t be shy with them and let us know on your reporting back sheet if we need more.

Here are some quick points for handling the passport with the public.

  • Let people know that events are free because the passport is sponsored  by businesses in the booklet. Tell people that if they go to these local businesses to thank them for supporting us!
  • Show interested people the map printed on the middle page so that they can see that our organization is working hard to generate wildlife corridors in the region with their support. It is a simple visual way to demonstrate the work that we do and help them better understand the idea of a land trust.
  • Show the person an event, so that they see that each event has a map. Encourage them to keep the booklet so that in the future, if they want to go for a hike, they will have the maps to several different properties handy.
  • Encourage local residents to support our work, let them know there is a tear-away page with membership information.
  • If you see them with a dog, let them know that dogs should be on leashes on our properties to protect the ecology.
  • If they have kids with them, show them the kids events, (Nuts for Nature and Kids Bird Count)

Lets help Orillia get out into our natural spaces!