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Jennett Woods

Jennett Woods
Jennet Woods pine stump

Rhonda Cowen donated this 9 hectare property near the village of Waverley to the Conservancy in 2006 in memory of her parents. Because the donation required a severance from Rhonda’s adjacent lands as well as a re-zoning, this transaction took an extended amount of time and considerable red tape. It has been registered as an Ecological Gift under a federal program of tax incentives. The property is open for walkers.

Unique features of this property

  • Jennett Woods encompasses one of the headwaters of Hogg Creek, making it important for the protection of downstream water quality
  • part of the property has native forest, mostly with a mix of Poplar and older White Pines
  • about two-thirds of the property if Red and White Pine plantation, which will be thinned periodically to gradually convert to native hardwoods
  • a small band of wetland meanders across the property, feeding into Hogg Creek
  • old fence lines of massive pine stumps can be found within the plantation areas
  • this forest shelters birds and other wildlife that prefer conifers, such as finches and an occasional visiting Black-backed Woodpecker

Best time to visit: year-round. Wetland areas may be flooded in Spring


From Waverley (located on Hwy 93 between Hillsdale and Midland), go east on Vasey Road for 0.5 km, watch for Conservancy sign on the right.

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