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McDarker Wetland

McDarker Wetland
McDarker winter spruce

The Conservancy purchased this 20 hectare property in 1999 with funds provided by Amy and Dave Darker. The McDarker Wetland is a fine example of northern habitats from in the South Sparrow Lake area.

Unique features of this property

  • densely treed by Black Spruce, Cedar, White Birch and a variety of other conifers on deep peat soils
  • boggy conditions frequently experience spring flooding
  • acidic soils support orchids and northern wildflowers
  • home to resident Moose family, visiting Black Bear and Red Fox, Beaver and Muskrat
  • nesting birds include Ovenbirds, Blue jays, Chickadees, and various warblers


No signage because of the sensitivity of the rare plants found here.




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