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PSA: Our Citizen Science Programs are Full!

The Couchiching Conservancy’s Citizen science program has really taken off now that it is fully is launched. Hundreds of people have offered their help, and we have had great results from testing water, to monitoring invasive species, to driving around at night listening for Whip-poor wills.

With so many local citizens wanting to protect nature our programs filled up as fast as we announced them. Properties have teams, and waters are being monitored – but how does this affect the Ambassador experience?

Many people come to us having first heard about volunteering with our organization from an ambassador at an event. Ambassadors hand out the most volunteers applications of any group here, and help the most people sign up. Because you are our eyes and ears we need you to help let people know that we are full to bursting when it comes to Citizen Science.

We will still supply your booth materials with the usual volunteer applications for those members of the public who are interested. But we ask you to please let them know that if they want to start volunteering now they can only become active as ambassadors.

If they are very interested in Citizen Science please tell them that they can apply, but they will be put on a wait list, and trainings, or notification of openings won’t be likely until winter.

We don’t want you to dissuade people from volunteering; we just want to be as transparent as possible with the people who want to join us.  So what will we focus on in 2018 if not new volunteers? – Membership and the Passport to Nature.

Lots of people want to support us and that is why they are interested in volunteering. However with the volunteer programs full you can ask if they would like to support our work and these programs by becoming a member. As ever membership is $30.00 for an individual and $50.00 for a family for the year. Our regular pamphlets can be filled out for membership.

“As ever membership is $30.00 for an individual and $50.00 for a family.”

Attending a Passport event is another great way for people to take another step toward involvement with us. It gives them the chance to get out on one of our properties and appreciate it with a naturalist, what better way to encourage people to support our work?